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Costa Rica is about nine degrees from the equator, which causes temperatures to be relatively constant year-round. Since water temperatures tend to track the air temperature, the pools and ocean are a perfect temperature year-round. What does change during the year, is the humidity and rainfall. Additionally, the country has Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coasts separated by a central mesa, which causes the weather and temperature to change with physical location within the country. There are distinct micro-climates, much like in Hawaii. So you can be hot and dry on the beach, drive three hours, and be cool and wet in a rainforest in the mountains in the same day.


Santa Cruz is the nearest sizable inland town to Playa Junquillal.†† Playa Junquillal always seems a few degrees cooler due to the moderating effects of the ocean and breezes. Here are some weather statistics for those so oriented:






As you can see from the chart, rainfall during the December through April dry season is a rarity.The area experiences a slow down in the rains in July that some call a mini-summer.November is pleasant as the area is still very green but a transition to the dry season is happening.Directly related to the amount of rainfall is the amount of green color in the vegetation, hence the term Green season.Never fear, the Las Brisas del Mar complex is irrigated, so itís green year-round.


Green season rains are usually restricted to the afternoon or evening hours, with occasional rainfall in themorning hours.Itís a warm rain but itís still wet!Most of the time the mornings and early afternoons are sunny or lightly cloudy. The rainy season in September and October?... usually the rains are a little fiercer and longer than in the earlier and later months of the green seasons.Four wheel drive vehicles become a necessity for unpaved roads. Some estuary crossings are impassible at times due to high water (Even those with bridges)




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